My brain, devoid of oxygen, calls out,
Burning with the desire to reclaim the words of my mouth.
My lips are sealed, my hands are trembling with the fortitude of an earthquake;
My heart won’t stop pounding as my legs continue to jump and shake,
Neurons firing violently tear at my psyche—demanding it to feel the pain I cannot express;
My breath is shallow, my lungs are hollow, as if my chest has undergone duress.
My neck is whipped, reeling, causing a convergence of feelings that disrupt the harmony within my veins,
Oh, how I wish I could retain the physical agony, the sheer pain!
My world is constantly spinning with the ebb and flow of emotions,
Stripping me of my sanity with such unequivocal devotion.

I have no shame!
Allowing you to take the blame,
For what I deservedly pursued,
My hands were thrown to action,
And my thoughts, blind to all inaction,
Devoured each other like the convergence of twin Snakes: a continuous cycle of emptiness.
My corpus is the essence of distress,
And my heart is empty, ripped from my chest,
Presented to you in such times of unrest.

You see,
I cannot recover the hurt I have done you,
For if it were my choice, I would lift the burden which you now bear,
But you must understand that I die when you cry, even when you cry when I die, for my love is true,
And now I quiver out of fear, that in the future, more pain shall you share.

*Commissioned for TheChad765