X-Death is a customized semi-automatic pistol designed for as a side arm weapon. Crafted for one thing and one thing only, speed. While bulky, this gun doesn't have the range like her rifle or the punch of her shadowmancing skills but has the compact size to attack with speed and precision should traditional methods fail her. Designed as a traditional revolver save for it's bulky design. Instead of a normal 6 chamber revolver, the cylinder holds 8 shots in stead of the normal six, prompting it to have a longer fire rate. Outfitted with a 2x scope on top, the simple aiming device can be detached when needed but supplies the user additional accuracy. When reloading, the pistol itself is designed to be quick and efficient in that department as the "reel" or cylinder will actually eject with a flip of a switch on the gun very much like a magazine catch, This allows for a new cylinder to be slapped in and ready to fire once again. In addition to the fast reloading rate, the gun is an assassin's dream as it has a built in suppressor that eliminates most of the noise when fired. Every bit of the gun is hand crafted as well to avoid much mechanical noise as well such as a click of the cylinder or the inner workings of X-Death. Vented out on the sides this is made for the gun to drastically cut down on recoil as well, prompting it easily to handle higher rates of fire.