My heart beats heavily in my chest,
Awaiting life after each frozen breath.
Pins and needles pierce my fragile home,
Its flames are extinguished and fully exposed.

And underneath my protective dome,
Lie treacherous sins for which I atone.
My cheeks melt with tears from hours ago,
That begin to freeze over in the frigid cold.

Darkness envelops my own senses,
While my nerves are frayed, as I am pensive.
Although my flame used to shine in the night,
It now withers away, sacrificing its life.

And I am depleted of all of the warmth,
The kindness, the love, the beauty, the hearth;
The black wind of the North is waiting for me,
With the cloaked man of bones as my destiny.

I hear the wind wail, its sad story true,
Its calls have forced my lips to shutter to blue,
And the light fades into dire screams,
As it is consumed by the darkest of dreams.

I stammer a whisper and stutter a prayer,
The breath from my lungs faintly whistles through air,
And the howling of wolves accompanies the black,
Awaiting my demise to begin the attack.