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this will b pure random stuff, i doubt ill write in it much, but ull just hafta find that out 4 urself =P u nvr no... NVR!!!
The immortal
There is a man. He is immortal.

The immortal lived in a city. A city bustling with people. Many people the immortal did not know. A man found the immortal one day.
iiiiiiThe man said Hello, how are you doing?
iiiiiiThe immortal said I'm doing just fine, thank you.
iiiiiiThe man asked Are you doing anything right now?
iiiiiiThe immortal answered I'm just wandering.
iiiiiiThe man inquired You're not going anywhere?
iiiiiiThe immortal replied I'm going somewhere, but I don't know where.
iiiiiiThe man offered How about we sit down and chat over a cup?
iiiiiiThe immortal mused Oh, well, I'm not sure.
iiiiiiThe man waited for an answer.
iiiiiiThe immortal queried Do you know of a place?
iiiiiiThe man responded Of course. Come on, let's go to a café.
iiiiiiThe immortal curiously followed the man to a little café in the middle of the city. They sat at a round outdoor table for two and were served a cup of hot coffee each. For a few minutes the two only drank their coffee, the immortal glancing over the rim of his cup at the man, the man keeping his eyes down or looking elsewhere.
iiiiiiHow would you like to come to my house? the man said.
iiiiiiExcuse me? the immortal said.
iiiiiiCome on, let's go to my house. I want to show you my house, the man said. Pause.
iiiiiiIs it close by? the immortal said.
iiiiiiIt's around here. Please come, it's a nice house. I'm hospitable, the man said. Pause.
iiiiiiWell, okay then. Will we be walking there? the immortal said.
iiiiiiYes. We'll take a nice walk, the man said.
iiiiiiThe immortal followed the man to his house. Not many words were exchanged on the way. The man led the immortal to the kitchen when they arrived. He asked if the immortal would like anything to eat. The immortal politely affirmed.
iiiiiiThe man sat the immortal at his dinner table in the adjacent room. The immortal sat at the table and waited. He did not wonder what he was doing there. The immortal had many things he could be doing, and this was one of them. Visiting a hospitable man's house. The immortal waited. He was not particularly hungry, so he waited. When the immortal folded his hands in front of him on the table to wait, the man came from the kitchen and chopped at the immortal's right arm below the elbow with a kitchen knife.
iiiiiiThe immortal shouted, and the man chopped again to sever the arm. The man quickly swung the knife at the immortal's neck to shock him and prevent a response. The immortal gaped and fell off the left side of the chair from the force and shock.
iiiiiiThe man cut the immortal, but the cells would not die. The man took the immortal apart piece by piece. The man disconnected the feet from the ankles. Disconnected the lower legs from the knees. Chopping with his kitchen knife. Disconnected the head from the neck. The immortal gaped.
iiiiiiThe man sliced the immortal's torso and opened him up. Broke the rib cage and opened the gate. The man removed and cut the rectum from the large intestine. Cut the large intestine from the small intestine. Cut the long small intestine from the stomach. Cut the stomach from the esophagus. Slit the stomach open and emptied the contents into the sink. Sliced further to open the neck and cut the esophagus at the throat. Moved the pieces aside.
iiiiiiThe man cut the heart from the body. And still it beat. The man squeezed the heart in his hands, and it beat beneath his fingers. The man tossed the heart in his hand, and it beat in the air. Curiously, the man set the beating heart aside. Stared at it. The cells would not die.
iiiiiiThe man severed the thighs from the trunk. The heart still beat. Severed the left hand from the left forearm. Severed the right hand to make it even. Severed the left forearm from the left upper arm. Severed the arms from the shoulders. Severed the shoulders to make even sides of the torso. The heart still beat. The man stared at it. Severed the hips from the thorax. Looked at it.
iiiiiiThe man picked up the heart and bit down on it, and it pulsed between his teeth. The man felt the pulse, began counting beats, and sank his teeth into the heart. It kept the same beat. The man curiously touched the heart with his tongue and let go. Nearly threw the heart, but set it down on the floor.
iiiiiiFor fun, the man dismembered the toes from the feet. The fingers from the hands. The fingers at the joints. The toes at the joints. The rest of the organs from the torso. The brain from the cranium. The immortal still gaped. The heart still beat. The cells would not die. Then the man was bored.
iiiiiiHe looked at his neatly partitioned body. Gazed at it. Then stowed the parts away in an empty storage bin. Labeled it "Curious." Placed the bin on a shelf in his storage room between other bins of bodies. Some male, some female. Most around his age. He sprayed the room with air freshener.
iiiiiiThe man returned to the heart on the floor in the dining room. Still it beat. The man tasted the tip of his tongue, but did not want to ruin his specimen. And he did not want to lose any parts. The man emptied and cleaned a new jar of pickles. Cleaned and replaced the kitchen knife. Peeled the jar label and sealed the heart. Looked at it. Listened to it. The man placed the jar in a corner of his bedroom closet, and kicked the jar. Went to bed annoyed at the sound but satisfied with the job.
iiiiiiThe man dreamt of the heart floating in space. The heart belongs to an immortal. He is a man, or he is a heart, but still the heart beats. His body parts live. His cells will not die.

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