how are you doing? i've just got done w/my first 2 weeks of spring quarter and already i want it done ha. i can deal with bio and calculus, but i suck at each equally and i dont like them razz . bio's just very tedious and plants for now r boring. but whats been cool going on are plants that im groing for bio atm. their aparently the michigan fast plants idk, but damn 3 days and they've been sprouting like so much progress! im a bit excited for bio cuz of them ha. math's just hard sometimes 2 keep up with cuz people say, and i experienced, he gets distracted easy and a bit hard 2 understand. i personally can deal with him, its just a matter of me actually going 2 study lol

even at school i majoritively play yugioh w/my friends whenever im at school, ha. we have regionals next sat and idk if i can go. i mean, it'll b fun and what i wanted, but i'd want 2 go there for just the fun of it. + i have hmwk... psh what hmwk razz .

im moving out of my family's house by the end of the summer. hopefully things will work out with me. i love my family, its just that theyve pushed it 2 the extent that they dont want me 2 - ya know, be myself. im hoping you dont go through the things i am 2 the point where u feel like u need 2 move out.

do u think i'll be fine for the rest of this month so far? a lot has been stressing me lately


PS. i love you