no one is sure who this girl is, or where she came from.

kyaara (kyuh-are-uh) appears to be about age 11. her mental age seems to vary greatly, sometimes seeming on par with a kindergartener, and at other times seeming to be functioning at the level of a 20-something.

she is reluctant to talk about where she came from, or how she got here. from what little she will say, it seems that she comes from the virtual world, and was booted from some program, having to find refuge in our world.

kyaara speaks english in a manner similar to a young girl, very simply and very cutesy, and often making up words if she does not know one. she's also known to be overheard talking to herself in japanese-- perhaps an insight to where she came from?

kyaara is blonde with green eyes by default, though her looks can easily be manipulated if you have the access. there are two usb ports behind kyaara's right ear. if you connect her to a computer, you will be prompted to download a program called SEIMEI*hakaimono. if this is completed, you are granted access to kyaara's programming.

someone reprogramming her without permission is kyaara's greatest fear.