june elizabeth lee

age: 19

family: mother (age 45), younger brother (age 16), deceased father (age 34 at time of death/would be age 44/cause of death undetermined but seemed to be an accidental overdose)

heritage: predominantly german and irish on mother's side, korean and irish on father's side.

education: high school graduate. enrolling in community college to get prereqs out of the way in the new fall semester. plans to study english, but unsure what major she wants.

appearance: chocolate brown hair, about shoulderblade length but often tied up. blue eyes with reddish pupils. her earlobes are stretched by gauges, although they are fairly small-- just barely large enough to have altered the shape of her ear. is only about 5'2" in height, and is quite lean and lanky. also has her nose pierced.

notes: for reasons no one is quite sure of, june has red pupils. it has happened in family members on her father's korean side before, family legend has it, but not since around the 1700's. no one is sure how it affects her, but she sees normally (she is nearsighted, but that's common on both parents' sides.)

june is called by her father's korean family "ppalgan ttal" which literally means in korean "red daughter."

june's native language is english, but lived with her father's family for several years when she was younger and continues to visit them often, and picked up korean (conversational level or so) from that. she can read hangul with a fair level of accuracy, but can not write well.

personality: quiet by choice, not because of social anxieties (in fact, june is quite comfortable with people. she just thinks of herself a little more highly than the general population) . can come off as an a**, as her demeanor is very haughty and just unfriendly. but if she happens to warm up to you and become friendly, she's a wealth of knowledge, and will happily listen to your problems and offer up suggestions.