I'm pissed that when I have a really good roleplay and everyone loves it, and has a good time with it, IT STILL MANAGES TO DIE.

It's just terribly frustrating because this time I cannot reboot it. I cannot bring this one back and I don't know what I did wrong. Maybe I did wrong by giving up right now or I didn't step in soon enough but truly, I did step in before it's just that no one can see it or was around to change. Maybe I made a bad decision. Gods, my heart just hurts so bad to think it is dead. / tear

I'm scared that my newest idea would just die on me. I ... can't stand this routine. I'm not a roleplay hopper or a bad moderator. I just... have poor timing and luck? Seriously though, we have all tried to think of why at some point and we get no answers. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

Do I made the storyline too complex? Was it not complex enough? Did I not give enough to my people? DID I NOT LABOR OVER LEARNING NEW INFORMATION AND MAKING ENTERTAINMENT AFTER ENTERTAINMENT FOR THEM?! DID I?!

/ sigh

I'm not really as mad as I must seem from that rant but, I am genuinely frustrated. I am confused as to what I am doing wrong and want a chance to change. I want to know where I can fix or work on things that I do.

People are always so intimidated by me and I don't know why about that either. I mean, what about me is so terrifying? Is it that I'm full of life in their eyes or impressive? I really don't get it.