After a while of sitting there in his shame, Hikaru dragged himself out of the tub. He dried off and went into their bedroom. He had shared a bedroom with his brother for as long as he could remember. They always slept together. In the same bed. It was dark in the room. Hikaru turned his head to the red glowing numbers. 10:47. How did it get so late? He sighed again as he pulled on a pair of boxers from his drawer. He crawled as quietly as he could into the bed. He could feel Kaoru infront of him. His breath smelled sweet. "I'm sorry..." Hikaru whispered into the darkness. Kaoru moved closer, tucking his head under Hikaru's chin and curling up against him. Hikaru sighed and wrapped his arms around his brother. He hated this kind of relationship. The lines between brothers and lovers were so blurry.

"It's ok, Hikaru..." He mumbled into the other's chest. "Just please don't do it again..." It felt as though something was stabbing Hikaru through the chest. It was hard to breathe. He wanted Kaoru to feel the same way about him. So bad. This kind of relationship was so hard. How could they act like lovers so openly, but not be lovers? Tears silently slid down his face. He closed his eyes.