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Book of Nero
This is my journal. I am Nero! c:
you're why i never sleep at all
you're what i think about that makes my mind sick
you're my unhealthy obsession, and you don't care
you're the one i care about most
you don't care, you ignore me and don't acknowledge me
you look at my love as neediness
you use my feelings for you as a leash
you keep me in the dark and you don't tell me a thing
you keep me waiting while you do what you please, and then....
you never tell me what it is you do while i wait for you
you took my happiest memories with you, and you won't give them back
you've made me cry
you came back after a month of waiting for you and told me there was another
you can back in a week and told me it was over and you wanted me back
you'll do it again, i'm just a backup plan
you hurt me
you probably lie to me, but
you don't tell me enough to give me a reason to be sure
you purposely don't tell me things
you use my weaknesses as a way to manipulate me
you fight my love away from you, and i'm so hurt from trying
you've made me try to hate you, but i can't because i love you
you treat me worse than anyone has ever treated me
you showed me what real pain is, when i thought i knew it, but was just ignorant
you don't take me seriously
you don't fight for us like i fight for us
you don't fight for us at all
you made me sacrifice all my friends, everything but you, and then...
you don't even give me yourself
you don't even give me your love
you don't even give me your honesty
you don't even give me your time
you don't even give me the respect i deserve
you don't recognize how hard i try for you
you never even mention how much i've done for you just because i love you
you treat the way i love you like a game
you treat this love like it isn't real, like it's only an illusion
you may be the kind of person i have considered filthy all my life, but for
you, i would sacrifice my entire life's morals just to keep you
you made me wait for so long, and returned just to say there was another
you told me to wait for you again, in case it didn't work out between you and him
you don't even love me, do you?
you don't even have the sense to realize if you love me, do you?
you don't even have the sense to know what love is... do you?
you may never treat me with the love i deserve...
you may never appreciate my qualities
you don't really even remember all the times we shared, do you?
you let those memories slip away, didn't you?
you didn't even remember them while they were happening, did you?
you make me pray to God above that i'm wrong about you...
you're the reason why i don't even know you anymore
you've become like a distant dream... i sometimes forget you're a real person
you don't even think about me, do you?
you make me dedicate my life to you
you make me plan for a life that suits you, nothing but
you don't even plan to share you life with me, do you?
you'll give all i dream about to another boy, one who treats you like a dog
you treat me like this, because i'm good to you, don't you?
you take my tender, gentle love and see it as a weakness
you take my affection and shape it into a tool that you hurt me with
you take everything i could possibly give right now, and you walk away with it
you don't acknowledge it, you discard it somewhere without understanding it
you're never around, you don't even remember me
you broke my heart, not once but over and over
you keep my obsessive mind under stress that eats my sleep
you've made me sit alone and mourn for you
you've ruined days of my life
you've ruined weeks of my life
you've ruined months of my life
you may have ruined my entire life as i know it
you and i have a strange relationship, that you seem to be afraid to take part it
you have cheated on me
you have been touched by other men willingly
you don't even know how that makes me feel
you'll cheat on me, won't you?
you'll lie to me, won't you?
you'll hurt me in the end, won't you?
you'll keep me here worrying for as long as you want and then end it, won't you?
you don't even realize how horrible you are, do you?
you may not even know how much i care, do you?
you started all this as a game, and now you act like you don't want to play
you became my entire life, and you don't care about my life anymore
you take the letters i send you, and don't even read them, do you?
you make me assume, because you never tell me anything
you've called me a liar, when i'm not the suspicious one
you've accused me of having other girls secretly, but you've had other boys
you may be a horrible, terrible person who will rip me all apart and not even care
you appeared in the darkest times of my life, and made me feel better, but then...
you walked away with a careless, twisted grin and left me with even darker times
you've made me love you so intensely, but...
you have left me with nothing to do with that love, but mourn for it
you've ruined my life, and you hurt me constantly, but...
you've made it so my pain would be worse if you disappeared
you do it all on purpose, don't you?
you have this all figured out, don't you?
you have an entire life planned out... that doesn't include me, don't you?
you've hurt me worse than anyone has ever hurt me, and you didn't care
you have the power to make my life heaven, but you refuse to give
you're a sadist
you're a hypocrite
you're the most horrible person i've ever met...
you're the love of my miserable, empty life.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Apr 11, 2013 @ 07:34pm
wow..... that's so.. touching... did you write it or...?

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