Hikaru jumped up and dunked Kaoru under the water. Kaoru flailed around for a bit before Hikaru let him up. Kaoru laughed and splashed his brother more. "Hahaha... Stop Kaoru... You're getting everything wet." Hikaru tried to shield himself. Kaoru leaned his back against the opposite side of the tub, stopping. He stared at his brother, Hikaru. Hikaru's heart skipped a beat. Kaoru was just so cute. He couldn't help liking him in this way.

"Hikaru... What's wrong? You look like you're in pain..." Kaoru came over to his side and placed a hand on his back, rubbing gently. There was genuine concern in his voice. Hikaru closed his eyes and breathed deeply. 'Please... Stop... I can't take this... He thought silently. "Hikaru?" He could feel Kaoru's breath on his face. It was warm. He opened his eyes to Kaoru being mere inches away from his face. "Hm?" Kaoru tilted his head. Hikaru closed the distance between them and their lips met briefly. Kaoru's eyes widened in surprise. "Hikaru...?"

Hikaru pressed his lips against his twin's again, this time with more force. Kaoru squealed quietly. Hikaru wrapped his arms around him and held him tightly against him. When the kiss broke, the two were panting. Hikaru pushed him away, embarrassed. Kaoru, still blushing, quickly got out of the tub and ran out of the bathroom. Hikaru sighed and rested his head in his hands.