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Spore Loves You, Every One
A compilation of short stories and other junk, for your viewing pleasure.
Story for Tora
A Delicious Encounter

It was 10:00am and Café Umai, a family run café famous for the three colour coordinated sisters who helped operate it on the weekends, had just opened for business. It was Saturday, and the place had begun filling up quickly. The eldest daughter, Wataame, dressed in her signature colour, blue, was handling the register. The middle daughter, Amaiko, was dressed in pink and was taking orders to tables and making quiet conversation with the customers. The youngest daughter, Alexis, was decked out in green and in charge of cleanup, but since the morning was just beginning, she was keeping herself busy by eavesdropping on the customers’ conversations.
“Did you hear that?” Alexis exclaimed, popping up from under the counter next to the register. “That lady over there thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her! I wonder if it’s true…”
“Seriously, Alexis, you have got to stop doing this,” Wataame said, sighing heavily. The day was just beginning and already her little sister was up to no good.
“But it’s just so interesting!” Alexis retorted. “I mean, there’s nothing else for me to be doing right now anyway…” Alexis’s sentence trailed off, and her eyes widened. She ducked back down behind the counter.
“What is it now?” asked Wataame, appearing only slightly interested.
“It’s him! That guy that comes in here all the time!” Alexis whispered.
“And?” Wataame pressed
“Well, I think he is stalking me!” Alexis blurted. “Whenever he sees me he starts talking to me and he doesn’t stop! I don’t want him to see me or I might have to run away again.”
“What are you guys talking about?” Amaiko had approached the counter and was leaning on it casually.
“Alexis thinks one of our customers is after her,” said Wataame, shaking her head.
“Who?” Amaiko asked, her mouth tilting into a slight frown.
“That one over there, with the purple hair and glasses,” Alexis said, standing up from behind the counter to point.
“Oh, him?”
As they spoke, the man turned his head and caught their gaze. He smiled and waved.
“Now you’ve done it,” said Alexis, pouting. “I suppose I should just go say hi now and get it over with…” With her arms crossed, she sauntered back out onto the customer floor of the café. Wataame and Amaiko watched her, both looking puzzled.
“Hi,” Alexis grumbled as she approached the purple haired young man wearing round wire framed glasses and a sweater vest.
“Heya Miss Alexis,” he said. “It’s me, Spore! I came here for some more of my favourite delicious desserts. Just thought I would save a table before I went up to order. How has your week been?”
“Alright, yours?” replied Alexis flatly.
“Why, my week has been very busy! I had an eye exam and they said my eyesight is worse than ever! I also went to the park to swing on the swings, and I came here a few times to eat stuff, and I also played a few games of scrabble against myself, and I drew some stick figures, and I sewed an entire lopsided quilt and I learned to square dance,” said Spore in one breath.
“Oh yeah.”
“Well I’m gonna go order now!” Spore said brightly. “See you, Alexis!” He got up and went over to the counter. Alexis followed behind, listening intently.
“I would like to order one of every cake and pastry you have,” Spore was saying to Wataame, who was looking at him with an odd expression on her face.
“Umm, are you sure?” she asked.
“Positive,” replied Spore.
“So that will be a slice of chocolate fudge, a slice of caramel drizzle, a slice of… oh I don’t even want to repeat all this. That’s 8 slices of cake and 12 different pastries.”
“Yep, that’s what I want!”
“Ok, well would you like it packed separately or in one box? And next time you’d like to place a large order with us, please call ahead.”
“Oh, no need,” said Spore. “It’s all for here. I am going to eat it now.”
Wataame’s expression didn’t change. “Well, ok then. Just don’t hurl all over our floors. Your total with tax is $108.48.”
As the two girls watched, Spore began emptying his pockets. “I’ll be paying almost entirely in change,” he stated. “And I promise not to barf in here.”
As Wataame looked on in horror, Alexis snuck away into the back where Amaiko was taking out some fresh pies.
“Did I hear that right?” Amaiko asked.
“You bet,” Alexis replied, “My stalker is ordering a truckload of sweets, and he’s paying all in coins.”
“Oh my. I hope he doesn’t get sick. I wonder why he wants all that sugar? Maybe he’s depressed…”
“Nah,” said Alexis, “He’s just weird. You’ll see. Come on.”
So the three sisters watched in horror and fascination as Spore packed away five pounds of sweets in 10 minutes. Amaiko approached him once to ask how he was doing, but his mouth was so full all he could manage was a thumbs up and an awkward smile. When he was done he stood up, clutching his stomach, said a quick thank you to the girls, and waddled to the door. He kept his promise and did not throw up inside the café, though he did leave a vomit trail down the street and up to his front door.
“That was… very strange…” was all Amaiko was able to say to her siblings once the purple haired man had left.
Wataame said nothing, but was looking dismally at the register, which was overflowing with change.
“I told you he was a weirdo!” Alexis cried. She was looking at the mess he had left at his table, trying to think of a scheme that would get her out of cleaning it up.
“Well, let’s put it this way,” said Wataame finally. “It’s only 11 o’clock, but things couldn’t possibly get any weirder today.”
Or could they?
The end.

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