This phrase will become vastly overused in the near future.

It's what I expect of the "intellectuals" that insist upon using the same phrases as some other, high-ranking person which usually makes them feel all smarty and "hip" among the "intellectual" society.

"Oh my Gog! That term, "Cognitive Dissonance", sounds so intellectually mainstream! I have to use it consistently!"

What other terms are there? Ad-hominem, Ad-hom [sic] ("sic" is included in this list), etc.

You know, it's usually some Latin bullsh*t to make themselves seem more "multicultural". It's very common among "law" types, because they like to speak unknown languages and big words to the public to try and throw them off course. (typical of lawyers)

"Oh, he's so multicultural and bilingual and dreamy!"

I'll throw in a "Fiscal Cliff" just for good measure.