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My Vends Vends

Archaic Lullabies
Community Member
Items I want to bet on / Am questing

Hit ctrl+f to find an item c:
So, I probably have a limit, so I may decline expensive ones ^^
Also, I will bet on any gen c:

Jinxi's Charm
Secret Retreat
Daughter of Snows
Nightmare Game
Solar Headdress
Admirable Antagonist
Oculus Magica
Oculus Mythica
Grace of Aphrodite
Magical Girl's Black Uniform
Call of Anubis
Rock Hard
Radiant Prism
Radiant Courage
Lady Lunar
Holy Gauntlets
Diapered Egg
Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)
Cream Tam Beret
Purple Tam Beret
Pink Bunny Slippers
Melonpan of Haruharu (headband)
Angelic Lace
Moonstone Borealis
Fluorite Borealis
Opal Borealis
Kink's Reprise
Midnight Reprisal
Alternate Moira's Top
Alternate Sasha's Skirt
Hellish Envoy
Gothic Butterfly
Queen Anne's Lace
Golden Fleece
Raging Night Jewel
Frigid Night Jewel
Prince Patchouli
Compound Eye Goggles
Silver Laurels
Thimble's Tea Party
Spartan Queen
Sweet Pea
Succubi's Modesty
Chanho the Tiger Plushie
Black Heavenly Unmentionables
Blue Heavenly Unmentionables
White Heavenly Unmentionables
Siren Song
Lily Starfire
Wolfgang Duck
Stitches the Grick
Rosy Showgirl
Icy Showgirl
Sherbet Showgirl
Ruffed-up Showgirl
Mlle Butterfly
Keiko's Cake
Bani the Bunny
Bani Clips
Daisy's Light Hair
Der Sandmann
Mystery White
Pebbled Heart
Pop Factory
White Monster
Teal Heartstring
White Heartstring
Pink Heartstring
Lavender Heartstring
Blue Heartstring
Green Heartstring
Chemical Love
Peisinoe's Discant
Sumi Tribe
Paradise Lost
Bird of Paradise
Beat Gear
Bionic Sensory
Cybertronic Layer
Tomorgenne Maid
Space Channel Gaia Beta
Latrans Trickster
Jack Frost
BuBu Kitty Plushie
Sir Percy
Chocaholic Cherry Fondue
Chocaholic Fondue
Chocaholic Cream Fondue
Charade White
Nihonshu Geisha
Cutie Clobberer
Twisted Love
Mod Concentric
AFK Scarf
Sour Tsundere
Majoko Mariko
Blue Rubble Stockings
Winter Dancer
Fortune's Fool
Luxurious Queen of Pentacles
Madame Seer
Madame Gypsy
Bel Gondoliere
Heartful Punch
Literary Luxury
Mizuki's Glaive
Toxic Strongman
Violet Trigger
Hollywood Dream
Hollywood Tease
Hollywood Starlet
Cutie Cowgirl
Xiaolong Bao Bao
Moga Huey
Red Wing
Red Peppermint Bark
Elegant Mint Ruffles
Verde Vixen
Highwire Veronica
Silent Masquerade
Checkered Remorse
Checkered Nightmare
Mystix Dance
Ringmaster Spat Clips
Warlock School
SDPlus #309 Chiaroscuro
SDPlus #420 Riddle
SDPlus #388 Pixel
SDPlus #277 Dahlia
Scandalous Tabs
Flowing Flaxen Princess Locks
Dulce Principe
Shadowed Dancing Princesses
Doufu Hua
Maleficent Seven
Elama the Phoenix
Black Widow
Sublime Mademoiselle
Bestial Masks
Rad Dog Leash
Pretty Dog Leash
Bad Dog Leash
Sad Dog Leash
Clinohumite Diamond Dog
Topaz Diamond Dog
Dark Valkyrie
Yuki the Snow Monkey
Midnight Hero
Wintry Kisses
Pale Bebe
Pale Pascal l'artiste
Pink Dragoness
Dappy Dandy
Sir Ceph the Dapper Octopus
Flora's Gift
Lavender Bridesmaid
Rosie Bridesmaid
Periwinkle Bridesmaid
Sweetie Delight
Tangy Citrus Deluxe
Juno's Lace
Thor's Passion
Cat's Tangle
Lady Luck
White Heat
Lumpy Space Princess
Pink Dahlia
Speakeasy Macabre
S-Pop Club: Rayna
Empress Cotton
Fay Cervidae
Prima Poppet
Aeon's Spark
Jubilant Flight
Marquis de Marquee
Opalescent Rainbow
Raven Noir
Dark Heart
Charming Bowler
Domina's Fall
Go Goldfish
My Friend Pippy
Pinky Piglet
Reversi Tragedy
Azure Flyer
Crimson Flyer
Olive Flyer
Twisted Sweet Apple
Twisted Sour Apple
Team Barton Uniform
Team Gambino Uniform
Golden Uniform
Team Aekea Uniform
Team Durem Uniform
Devoted Spica
White Delight
Dainty Damsel
Dainty Porridge
Little Pink Derby Devil
Kricket Kick
Night Weaver
Kallida Kumiho
Third Stall
Margravine of Autumn
Pale Triplet
Sickly Triplet
Winner's Circle
Infernal Seduction
Stubborn Cryptodira
Sunset Spirit
Blind Death
Maltese Tigress
Ivory Guardian of the Inland Sea
Rosamund's Redemption
Capricious Mage
Princesse Honore
Polar Tear
Golden Serpent
V-High Hiro
Dark Omen
Song of Amour
Cherry Flare
Fanged Regalia
Super Level Academy
Dew Drop
Parcel Post
Barton Mood Bubble
Elegant Lilac Ruffles
Elegant Orange Ruffles
Snow Leopard Animal Headdress
Fox Animal Headdress
Deer Animal Headdress
Envious Night Jewel
Hazardous Drummer
Panda Mood Bubble
Scarlet Sprite
Ghostly Buccaneer
Teru Teru Bozu
Soundtrack of Love
Cook Note
Head Case
Vasil's Guiding Fire
Buttercream Rose
Flight of Fancy
Bad Cop
Vile Night Jewel
Pink Breeze
Sword King
Crowning Twister
Red Squirrel Cosplay
Toxic Mood Bubble
Biohazard Mood Bubble
Rosa Romance
Gym Warrioress
Savvy Sixties
Stellar Sixties
Sweet Sixties
Mono the skunk plushie
Indigo Flutter
Lethal Yandere
Sludge Mood Bubble
Gothic Veil
Mini Angelic Halo & Winglets
Pepper and Mint
Phasing Lily
Oni Set
Sweet Sixties
La Sanguine
Bonbonieru Konpeito
Vanilla Buttercream Rose
Swan Song
White Heat
Zessen Fan
Digital Fray
Panda Hoodie
Dirge of the Deep
Snow Animals
Super Protective Fantasy Armor
Queen Bee
Mint Buttercream Rose
Oculus Mythica
The Adumbral Empress
Cat Noir
Elemental Wings
Noble Plumage
Bad Dog Leash
Pink Goo Mood Bubble
Madoka Magica: Sweets Witch
Rainbow Feels Mood Bubble
Toxic Kitten
Toxic Haze
Poisonous Haze
Elegant Veil
Le Carousel
Detective Princess
Blue Lace Heart Mood Bubble
Candy POP Dancer
Celestial Array
Prince with a Wavered Heart
Bunny Mood Bubble
Frolicking Pastel
Correspondence in Black
Twin Asar
Turkish Raqs Sharqi
The Watchmaker
Spring Rose
Nurse Hazard
Strawberry Cream Mood Bubble
Lovely Maritime
Luck o' the Gairish
Xin the Lucky Dragon
Enchantress of the East
Donna del Carnevale
Malice Punk
Celestial Veil
Vocal Headphones
Starlit Promise
Mizuchi's Jewel
Princess the Piglet
Golden Dragon
Ravenwood Manor
Island Sherbert
Doki Doki Deito
Bewitching Minstrel
Nebula Vest
Punk Raven
Lady Justice's Armor
Fading Ember
Duchess Delacour
Squirrel Cosplay
Wizard School
Fiesty Berserker
SOF Taiga
Trilune's Covenant
Vittoria's Intimates
Serene Green
Patches the Pup
Plastic Lunchbox
Antique Pierrot
Balthasar the Bloody
Cloud Iridescence
Dancer on the River
Cassiopeia's Vanity
Silver Sprite
Zorya Polunchnaya
Earnest Minstrel
Serpentine Raiments
Fanciful Light Charmer
Bellissimo Pianoforte
Sweet Lunarian
Sparkling Reveler
Star Smasher
Summer Gardener
Lady Unicorn
Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires
Keen Bandit
Ritzy Dame
Madoka Magica: Homura Akemi
Red Babushka
Green Babushka
Blue Babushka
Dexterous Marksman
Clerical Nurse
Bunny Flop
Blushing Dancing Princesses
Froufrou France
A la Fondue
Concerto Conjurer
Danseuse Enchantee
Carmine Seductress
Chequered Punk
Scandalpous Starlet's Lingerie
Paramour's Break
S-Pop Club: Taja
Trilune's Promise
Sweet Porridge
Lovely Lovely Lady
Wed to Darkness
Astra-52: Albino Moth Wings
Petit Cherie
Deus Persona
Cafe Miam
Ocean's Sonata
Midnight Club
Jabe Rabbit
Benevolent Bakeneko
Gaia Anniversary Flashback
Roseus Diamond Dog
Amethyst Diamond Dog
S-Pop Club: Odele
Gogh Reed
Keiongaku Style
Audio Starlet Blue Rei
Sainte Ciel: Eros
Angelic Manner
Toned Keido
Snowy White Lass
Checkmate Void
Embarrassed Dream
Decadent Frosting
Monarch Gown
Rose Porridge Locks
Kandi Kitten
Sweet Frosting
Panda Slippers
Kaede's Hope
Kanoko's Dark Reflection
Perky Melody
Lady Chimes
SDPlus #167 Hoboseer
Heart VS Mind
Big Sister
Little Sister
North Kitten Star
Crimson Marionette
SDPlus #377 Frankie
SDPlus #434 Renard
Astra-66: Coy Cotton
Pastel Sweetie

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