So this previous weekend I tore apart the house looking for my old Nintendo DS because inside it held my dearest Pokemon White game, at least that is the only place I can think of it being since Dragon Quest was in the Pokemon White game case. Now I am not exactly sure why I had the urge to replay the game all I know is that once I got the urge I couldn't let it go, sadly I didn't find the game or my old DS crying .

Pity was taken upon me, and probably/mostly in hopes that I would stop my foolish quest and stop taring apart the house, when I was picked up from work Saturday there was Pokemon Black2 on the passengers seat. So I have been playing that with every moment of free time I get and as an apology and a thank you I ended up baking these sugar cookies.

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These pokeballs are real simple to do, I'll be adding the recipe and directions soon but honestly any sugar cookie recipe (even prebought) and food dye would work.