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*will make no sence, personal refrence*

"oh i almost forgot, there is one more rather big problem" remus's smile quickly vanishing as he loosened his arms from around Ellia so he could get a better look at her" what do you mean?" he knew she would not have mentioned it if it was not bad, and he had a very good idea of what she wanted to tell him, but dreaded it, yet it came all the same" i tried my hardest, i realy did, i kept an eye on her for so long just like you asked, and when rienhart was scouring for us" remus knew now exactly what was comeing, and his face seemed like a blank slate, wether he was angry or upset was unclear, but Ellia had to tell him " he found her, i tried to stop him....she's up ahead, im sorry i realy tried..i" remus quickly hugging her close to himself as he kissed her cheek" its okay, you did your best, its my fualt...get going" he said releasing her as she smiled once more, jumping up at him as she hugged him herself and then took off" good luck, dont get yourselves killed!!" and she was gone.

Remus remained silent for some time as he thought, pondering what he should do next, if ixxy was truly up ahead, he couldent risk anyone else there, she was something else, one of the few children he has ever truly feared, not for her desire to kill him, or her hatred over him never bieng there, or even how he had left her mother, no as far as he knew she loved him more then any sane person should, this fear stemmed from his knoledge, the knoledge of just how terrifying and powerfull she was, and how uncontrolled her abilities were" were splitting up" he said finaly turning back to the group" kyrei take half of the men down the east cooridor, vincent you take the otherhalf around the west cooridor, meet up in the master study before the stone doorway, dont get ahead of eachother, get going" he said looking to rayne, knowing she would enevr let him out of her sight again" my love.... this will not be enjoyable" he said turning his eyes back to the large double doors across the empty hall" dont antagonize, dont attack, dont scream, dont attempt to frighten...whatever we see in that room...this battle cannot be won with violence" no matter the power either of them had, all the rules of the world would mean nothing past those doors, nothing.

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