You know what really grinds my gears? Its my sister-in-law everyday that she comes in my house she doesn't ever do anything but complain and tell me how to care for my kids. I'm like really b***h? You don't do jack execpt pick up phones and you come into MY house and complain when its because of me that things even get done in the first place its even more ******** up that I cut you slack at all (I'm hella nice to you everyday and I shouldn't be!). The worst of this, is that my husband takes up for your lazy a** and when your up with my son you don't even cut me slack and feed him and unlike you I'm up 3 or 4 times every night for my daughter and your rude a** wakes me up when I get zero sleep as it is because your dumb a** doesn't seem to realize that my job is hella hard but you go whine about how hard your job is all the time like I wanna really hear about it? No, because a monkey that gets paid in bananas can easily do what you do you lazy a** b***h go get a real job or take mine for a day then youll know what hard is till then I don't even wanna hear that my job is easy because your job is a joke to be laughed at what I do is a REAL job what you do is non-sense grow the ******** up damn! Thats what really grinds my gears!! scream