Random RP samples. Not necessarily starters - just to showcase what my style is like.

Garrett closed his eyes as the martini glass reached his lips. The reddish liquid smelled of pomegranate and burned its way onto his tongue. He smiled as the light buzz of alcohol danced enticingly on his taste buds, opening his eyes again to glance around the bar. Their light blue contrasted with the deep red, as did his relatively soft features - clean shaven, light brown hair with a part in the middle.

The desperate sounds of a jazz piano seemed to reverberate through the room. The song had no words, but it was the kind of music that made you feel longing for a lover you never had and was often quickly followed by the mournful notes of lost for the same phantom of the imagination. Some of the patrons came to listen because booze and jazz let them down their sorrows. Garrett came because the music made him feel alive.


Gregory felt tears burning in his eyes as he watched his wife break down in front of him. It was one thing to know that he had heart her, but to see it there in front of him, to see a woman he respected for strength sob…that gave the pain a substance of its own. Again, he had no answers for her. He had no good reason why, or why he was sorry now but not then. He was waiting for her to just tell him to get out after all of that. Every muscle in his body tensed as he waited to hear her say it was over.

He relaxed when that didn’t happen. He could tell by the tone in her voice that this would take a long time to repair. He nodded as she aptly delegated how things would be, his jaw tightening when he heard his name shortened. She hardly ever called him Greg. He nodded with a grim acceptance. What else could he do? He expected that things would be difficult, but he sighed in some small relief that it wasn’t over. If his marriage were to end, it would destroy so many other good things. It wasn’t just his love for her on the line, it was everything else he had built his life around.

Gregory slumped as she mentioned sleep, realizing that the high emotions had left him drained. His muscles were sore from having having tightened this whole time. Even his lungs seemed to ache as if to constantly remind him of his betrayal. He dragged himself back inside after her, only vaguely aware of what she had said.

He found himself with his head sinking into the pillow and an empty space next to him. It was strange how the bed that he had slept in regularly for eight years was suddenly so uncomfortable. It was too firm, and the temperature under the blankets was just not right.

His mind wallowed in a mixture of guilt and regret - not just at what he had done but because he had missed out on whatever Melanie had planned for their upcoming anniversary…he missed out on it for a lot of nothing, too. He felt tears building in his eyes as he thought of losing Melanie, of losing their life together. He promised himself that he would not to make that mistake again, and he knew he would have to do a lot to make up for it. He would start tomorrow by getting rid of this stupid bed and getting a new one. The last thing he needed was to be constantly reminded of what he had done. He expected a lot of things…things that would help him gain trust again. If he had to tell Melanie where he was at all times, he would. He’d check in regularly…he’d come straight home from work if he had to, but he could not handle losing her and having to start a new life. Of course, the last thing he expected was that she had her own plans for him.

Gregory drifted off with just a few tears moistening his cheeks. He likely would have sobbed as well if he had not been so exhausted that sleep that carried him into morning, when he would hopefully have a second chance.