Lucifer post:

Oh how it felt to someone wrapped around your finger. To ensure that they would be there for the other person, even if they didn't want to. But Lucifer knew, he knew almost everything about his demons and underlings. Their thoughts, their emotions, their pleasures and pains. He knew all that they went through, he experienced all of their moments. It was an intense surge of power when these moment came, since they were very rare in relation to when he felt it. Their were so many demons, but he linked with a select few, and Celeste was one of those few select who had the pleasure of seeing Lucifer without his masks, without his desire to come across as some supreme being. He noticed Celeste's tail though, but he pretended he didn't notice, as if to just be coy with her. She was the kind that let some of her elements show when she didn't want them too. Regardless, he simply smiled to himself as he turned around to examine his new form, something she told him to stop.

"Stop? Oh my dear sweet Celeste, I've only just..." He stopped in the middle of that sentence, licking his lips and crossing his arms over his chest. "I've only just begun, my sweet little pet." He undid his arms and allowed her to get in close. "My dear, sweet. Your body betrays you. Then again, you've forced yourself to not give into the people around here. You've been quite good, but also quite bad." He smiled as he let the woman get closer to him, intertwining her fingers in his sliver hair. "Mm... is it truly burning? Or is it revulsion? If only I could be completely aware as to what you actually mean sometimes." He grinned to himself, brushing some imaginary dust off of his shoulder. He wanted to know that Celeste was the one coming to him, willingly. He could do nothing unless the person came to him willingly.

His arms wrapped around her midsection, fingers gently touching the leathery wings that adorned Celeste's back. "So soft.... yet so tough. Much like your heart... But unlike that, these are rather cold... and inhuman." He smiled to himself, letting the moment simply progress as it was. After all, he was the Lord of Darkness, and moments like this didn't come very often. Especially when it was so much more than sensual pleasure he was getting from this. Yes he did enjoy being around Celeste, but truth be told he also desired her, and it was more than simple lust like it was with the other succubi. He was a sucker for those he considered beautiful in mind and body, and Celeste seemed to have both, and more so than any other creature had. She was a ravishing beauty, yet at the same time, she was quite strange creature. "I'll be with you till the end of days, my sweet, sweet, Celeste." He took her kiss, and responded with his own. After all, it would be unkind for him to just disregard her affection.

A hand of his retracted back to the tail around his waist, which he gently caressed, moving his other hand up to her head, rubbing her cheek with his thumb, and twisting some hair around his finger. "I've never been quite good at this, so forgive me if those humans you've encountered are... better at this than I am." Sadly enough, this was true. Lucifer had frowned upon most romantic encounters with his own kind, specifically meaning fallen angels, and there were enough rumors floating around from his succubi and incubi that would make any one with a sense of sensibility shiver. Granted all of these things were false, as to be expected. God did not exactly intend for angels to reproduce, so a closer inspection would have revealed them all to look a bit... 'Ken-ish'. Flat, smooth, etc, etc.