So, that whole weight loss thing? Yeah, it's going alright. I mean, I don't really get a chance to hit up the gym with work and school, but with simply watching how much I eat and keeping track of calories, I lost like, 3 and a half pounds this week from last. So that's pretty good.

I'm sure it won't be that easy in the future-- once I lose more... But you know how it is. I'll have to schedule my time and work in gym time eventually. But I'm just so lazy, man. It's not even that I hate working out. I really don't mind. But the effort in trying to schedule it, and going there... that what I don't care for. If I had a treadmill or eliptical at home, I'd be all over that shiz. Oh, a treadmill desk... ooooh~~~

And it's rhe's birthday. Happy birthday Rhe. You don't read these, but whatevs.