It always amazed Sapphire the whole range of personalities that Gaians had. Some were generous and kind, passing out free heals without expecting anything in return. And..then some were jerks, getting ticked off for whatever reason because you thought you were helping them kill one of the Animated that looked like it was causing them trouble.


It should be obvious that my normal time on zOMG is incredibly pleasant. I've had people heal me who weren't in my crew (I normally solo) Thank you everyone who has been nice enough to do that! biggrin Or grant me buffs of rings I don't have equipped.

but..there has been one or two occasions where the local populace was just not in a good mood.
I killed an animated that looked like it was causing someone some grief (they were low on health, not attacking back, etc.)
response: "FU"
uhm... 'kay. confused
Not like these things don't respawn or anything... Ohwell.

P.S. I understand kill-stealing is bad, just.. please keep in mind that a) other people can see your health and energy.
b) if they think you need help...they MIGHT help out WITHOUT asking you.