Alright people, get ready. It's a journal entry that doesn't have to do with my terrible luck with girls! WOOHOO! XDDD

So lately I've been working on this project during my free time. I'm taking a quadraphonic 8-track tape of the album Abraxas by Santana, and I'm converting it to a surround sound DVD. Now as part of the conversion, I'm also putting my own visuals in the DVD as well, because I might as well make use of the TV somehow.

So I went to work on my project last night, and guess what? The whole thing was corrupted. That's right....

Well, thankfully, Adobe was intelligent enough to implement this auto-save feature into Premiere. At first I thought it was a feature that simply saved the project every 30 minutes or so. Well, what it actually does is it saves multiple backup files of the same project, so if your project is lost or something, you can load one of the auto-saved versions, and you'll have at least most of the work recovered. That was a saving grace for me. All I lost was one measly effect. Now I have 4 more songs to do, two of which I should be able to get done in one night. And after these four songs are done, I can FINALLY put the DVD together and call it a finished product. ^^

So this was actually a journal entry where I said something positive for a change... Are you amazed?