Hellos. I'm chocos and as you may know, I'm new to the site and I wish I could learn more about it, so I have some questions to ask and things to learn.
First of, lets start with appearance questions
*How can I get special items?
[For example, I've seen some of you guys have faces and blushes and items and hairs etc... that are not from the store. How did you get those? Can I get them with gold?]
*What happens if I buy some eyeballs? <---Answer please!
[So...I want to buy some eyes (Inquisitive eyes or something like that...) from the store but I'm not sure because I don't know how this site works and what if they ''replenish'' the items and the eyes that I bought get lost forever since you can ONLY change them in the store? Do they change eyes in the store, or leave them forever and only bring in new items?) <--Same doubt with hair.
Now, normal questions:
*How does role-play work?
[I've visited some topics in the role-play area and think they are awesome, but I can't seem to join in. The stories are fine but I'm extremely confused on how people make preset characters. Can someone also answer something really important about this: I would like to role-play with my current avatar instead of a preset person the owner of the role-play thread has created. Is there any role-play rooms? I would really like for here to have some if not. Maybe make my room pretty and just open it to the public, make a new thread inviting people to my room and make a journal entry with the role-play information? Please answer if you can!!!]

~Thank you so much for your time