The basic idea for this came to me when I was in the hospital last night. (I'll be fine, I just have to stay in bed.) All I could think about was how I wanted someone to get me out of there, and how embarrassed I was to be there. Also, I kept saying incredibly stupid things, I couldn't stop talking to save my life..


The handsome Hero
I want to save myself
But I can not
So please live up to my fantasy

If I can't be the Hero
Don't make me the weak Princess
In going too far
I've become the Prince of Folly

The key has been turned
All of my secrets came poring out
Did you hear me?
I was calling out for you

In a hushed tone
I still don't want you to know
The Hero of the Fairy Tale always saves the Princess
Let's break that tradition
"It's okay."

There is no Princess
So he has no choice
Hurry up and save me
No one else is allowed to

Oh handsome Hero
Are you willing to save the foolish Prince?
"Please save me!"
Is what he wants to say
"Don't worry, I'm fine."
Can you read between the lines?

Swear on your honor
You'll save me
When I call out to you