I'm not good at convincing, but there's no end or limit to how much I can try. Everyone is perfect in their own way, sure, we all have flaws, but that just makes us who we are. Nobody is perfect. NO ONE IS. Even if you think someone is just perfect, they aren't. They have some sort of flaw that they can't get rid of or shake off or they are trying to hide. Also; don't try to hold sh*t it. Know why? So the next person that talks to you doesn't get a sudden loud lecture blowing in their faces. After that, it just gets plain awkward until you apologize. Know what I do to relieve stress? I write it down, listen to screamo, or just play my guitar and distract myself from it. Self-harm isn't the answer, Drugs aren't the answer, Stealing isn't the answer, Smoking isn't the answer, none of that is. That just proves how f*cked up this generation is, and I'm only one out a billion to a trillion that says this. There's plenty of things to look back on and laugh at, or to cry at, or regret. But just remember this; what's done is done. You can't do sh*t about what's already happened. The only thing you can do is build your future, and prepare for what's going to happen. AKA the future, because the past is and has already become your EXPERIENCE. It's time to take some action, and create some more experiences. Also, if you think you have no one to trust, then you can talk to me. I'm here for you. If you don't think I'm trustworthy, test me, i don't care. All I care is for you. I like getting involved and helping others. I don't care if someone yells at me. Vent if you need too. I'm here. I don't mind sticking by your side and hearing your life problems. I don't mind if you are just a plain stranger. I'm here practically 24/7, just to help you out. So don't hold it all in. We all have problems, and we can't just keep it to ourselves forever. There's just so much you can do with so much on your shoulders.