First entry! Wooot! *does happy dance*

Okay okay serious stuff. Okay so not really. Totally not ^^ BAIT N' SWITCH! 4laugh

So umm I have daddy issues? In the sense that I wanna a guy to be my daddy and stuff? But no fer seruious! lol. I umm dunno I guess someone might think it's creepy. But I love older guys. I love how they make me feel safe and stuff smile Annnd I've got a kinky side that loves getting them all mad at me to wana punish me lol.

My fantasy is some semxy guy in leather tellin me i'm bad cause i'm such a brat all the time. Cause i know how to be a tease 4laugh And maybe he wants to bend me over and give my cute lil a** a spanking. Well I'm teasin you now am I? wink