Hikaru opened his eyes to the sound of feet pattering on the white marble floor. It was Kaoru. And he was naked. "Whoohoo!" Kaoru jumped into the tub and made a big splash. "Aghhh! Kaoru!! What are you doing? Get out!" Hikaru yelled at him after getting splashed. "Relax Hikaru... We used to do this all the time..." Kaoru moved closer and lay his head on his twin's shoulder. Hikaru glared at him and tried to push him away, though Kaoru clung to him. "Come on now Hikaru, don't be like that." Kaoru put his hands on his brother's cheeks. Hikaru glared harder. He didn't want to be around Kaoru, especially in this kind of situation. It felt like his heart was about to explode, but he couldn't let the other see.

"What's on your mind, Hikaru?" Kaoru asked as he washed Hikaru's hair. Hikaru squeezed his eyes shut to keep the bubbles out of his eyes. You, he wanted to say. Though he knew better. "I told you it's nothing." Kaoru sighed, knowing he was lying, though continuing to wash his hair. Hikaru leaned his head back in the water and rinsed his hair. He then shook off, splashing Kaoru. "Hey! Stop it!" Kaoru laughed and splashed him back playfully.