Hikaru rested his head in his hand and sighed. Another day at the Host Club was coming to an end. Everyone was leaving for the day. "Come on Hikaru, let's go home." Kaoru tilted his head at his brother. Hikaru perked up and met his twin's gaze. "Ah.. yeah.." He grabbed his bag. "Ready?" He shoved his hand in his pocket. Kaoru joined his side and they began walking home.

* * *

"Hey, Hikaru what's wrong with you today? You seemed out of it at the Host Club."
Hikaru glanced to his brother. He had been stuck in a day dream again about Kaoru. He sighed. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help but have these feelings for Kaoru. When did the lines between reality and acting started to blur for him? It had just been for fun at first... The ladies liked it. It always helped them attract a lot of costumers. Now Hikaru was regretting it. "Hmm... Ah.. I just feel weird today is all." He looked back down at his homework. Kaoru came up behind him and wrapped his arms around him. "Want to talk about it?"Hikaru blushed and tried to focus back on his homework. "It's nothing..."

Kaoru shrugged and went back to his homework. "If you say so..."
Hikaru glanced at the clock, it was getting late. He leaned back and stretched in his seat, deciding to give up on the homework for tonight. He got up and headed into their bathroom. It was a huge bathroom with skylight windows with a huge porcelain bath as big as a hottub on the far wall. Hikaru absent mindedly rubbed the back of his head as he made his way over to the bath, where he started the water. Once the tub was full he shut off the water and started to strip. He slowly settled into the hotwater. "Ahhh..." He closed his eyes.