Society has finally built its Utopia. New Aeaea and other sprawling metropolises like it are a haven where wealth and opulence abound, where technology and the standard of living is always advancing. The only problem is that places like these were constructed by society and not people--and yes, there's a difference. Most societal values are based on a hyper-idealized picture of 'the norm', right? That's what they teach you in school? You think most regular Joes match that profile? Not even close.

So, yes. They built their Utopia and with every brick they laid, every tower of glass and steel they erected, they created a dystopian hell for those of us who didn't fit their model. We've been isolated in s**t holes they call Satellite Colonies. No, really. That's it; that's the name. Just 'Satellite Colony' followed by a letter and a number so they can distinguish between us. Because to them, they're just places to get a fix or dump their trash. So honestly, who gives a s**t? Other than that, we're stuck out on the periphery by ourselves, completely cut off. That's not to say we mind, of course. They do, though. They mind like hell. The people of New Aeaea have gone through great lengths to see that no 'low class people' are flocking to their precious streets in droves. God knows how we'd get there and what we'd do when we arrived, but that's what's on all their minds. It's hard for most of us to even find jobs there; even the shitty ones that no one wants.

That's because we've been replaced by ISIS (Intelligence Service Industry Sanitation for those of you who aren't too tech-savvy). I would say it's their fault, but hell, they're just machines. What do they know?! More importantly, robots don't b***h about working 12 hour shifts in a factory or behind a counter. They don't mind cleaning up your mess or doing a job that's menial, degrading or disgusting. Some of them are even so advanced that you would almost swear you were talking to a real person. Seems perfect, right? But what the people of New Aeaea like best is that ISIS models aren't desperate enough to bring crime into their precious streets; not like us. ISIS units are safe.

Or they were, anyway.

Lately, there have been rumors about some ISIS units going haywire and becoming violent. Those of us who aren't afraid of the consequences call it the Mad ISIS Phenomenon in hushed whispers. So far, the only casualties have been two people from the Satellite Colonies, so their deaths were listed as 'unsolved murders'. Go figure. Mad ISIS models have also racked up untold amounts of damage and injuries in New Aeaea. That's a little harder to explain to the public. That hasn't stopped them from trying, though. The New Aeaea law enforcement services have done their best to cover it all up and the government denies that these incidents even occurred, insisting that it's not possible for an ISIS model to go mad. But they can't grab every bit of viral video and they can't stop witnesses from talking. Most people want to believe what the government tells them. They ignore it, but they're still scared. They should be. According to chatter on the Internet, a fellow 'hacktivist' is responsible for the Mad ISIS Phenomenon. He's been using some kind of virus that corrupts an ISIS unit's data and makes it freak out. He's turned an army against a city of unsuspecting people.

You know what? I'm all for sticking it to the man and fighting for what you believe in, but I'm not sure how I feel about doing it at the cost of endangering innocent people; especially when they don't know they're being threatened. So if you're the one responsible and you're reading this, I think you're kind of a d**k. Also, I know you already have the NAPD and just about every other law enforcement agency breathing down your neck, but let me tell you this: my friends and I know a thing or two about cyberspace ourselves and we want to find you. We probably will, too. Even though I just called you a d**k, we're not interested in turning you in. We're kind of hoping we can find a way to see eye to eye. It's better if we work together rather than against each other. Just cut that s**t with the ISIS models out, okay?

Yours sincerely etc. etc.