It has dawned on me that i should write in these more. Not just to let my creative flow actually go and stuff and actually start making stories. But just to release my inner thoughts.. like a diary i Guess. I've started having anxiety attacks, just small ones. Where i just feel panicked and worried and freaked out for really no reason. Just, bad feelins. And my mom and the internet said that just letting out my feelings would help. So yeah. Honestly i dont like dealing with my anxiety because i dont want to think about it and like Out of sight out of mind kind of deal. Also because dealing with it and actually having to do things like take pills, do special excersizes, or having to write them out just makes me feel pathetic. Its like I'm not strong enough or efficiant enough to just go on life normally and just deal with it and not have to freak out. But then again maybe everyone needs help. But not everyone has anxiety.. I dunno am i weird or am i like everyone else? I hope i can remember to keep doing these. Maybe doing these journals will help. Hopefully. And overtime they'll be less feely/boring and ill have more creative stuff going on. Doesnt matter if anyone reads these. Id kinda prefer it that no one does actually. So if any of my friends read this then, aw well. I'll get over it X3