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Anything and everything from the mind of a schizophrenic. Enjoy the read, but don't read too much
A Witch's Tale (Short Story)
Meloni is a young witch in taining. Her parents were killed in a virus outbreak when she was just seven years old. She was adopted by her aunt whom has no magic of her own, but is very well knowlagable in that realm. Meloni's father had a Spellcraft book, which her aunt had given her soon after his death. As she grew older, her magic slowly grew stronger, but she couldn't get the propper training she needed. At thirteen she enrolled in a school for gifted children, but it was just a normal school at the time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Meloni is leaning against a brick wall, just outside of the school building, waiting for the first bell. Soon a few girls pass by, slurring some profanities at her. Damn normal people.... One of them walks up to her, the girl is about seven inches taller. She takes Meloni's book. Meloni hears something behind her as she ducks, a baseball hits the girl in the chest, sending her to the ground. The girl drops the book, cursing, calling her a freak of nature. Meloni glares at the girl, grabbing the spell book off the ground. She puts it in her bag, under her cloak and heads to class just as the first bell rings. The girl almost starts after her, but stops as she hears the bell. Meloni enter's Miss Seiglinde Kusannari's class room a minute late, using an invisibility spell going to her seat.

Miss. Kusannari, Meloni's best friend and her witchcraft class student teacher is finishing her morning instructions when she senses Meloni's prescence in the class room. "You're late Miss Meloni..." She smiled at the seemingly empty chair. "Care to explain why?" The class looked at the empty chair, making Meloni blush. "I'm very sorry, ma'am, I was being harassed by a human girl and i was trying not to use any magic on her" Meloni replies to the young teacher, undoing the invisibility spell. "I just couldn't get away from her"

"I see..." Seiglinde trailed off, examining Meloni for any injuries. "Well as long as no one was hurt, then I suppose I can let it slide." She then walked over to her and begun to explain the directions to cast wind magic. Meloni attempts the spell, using a little too much force in her magic, creating a large gust of wind throughout the room. She falls backwards, toppling her chair over in the process. "Oh~ I'm sorry, I guess I didn't think the spell was that strong" She says, stupefied at the strength of her own magic.

Acting on pure instinct, Seiglinde quickly cast Light Magic which put up a shield around each student. Including the toppled over Meloni. "Oh my, what force," Seiglinde smiled, letting down the shields then casting another wind spell to clean up the damage. "Well done though Meloni, but this time try to output your energy at a slow rate." Meloni gets back up, blushing slightly. Then she focuses her magic on her books, making them fly open, the pages rapidly turning. The wind just weak enough. Then she grabs her hat from off the floor. "Was that better?" She asked, knowing that her magic was already very strong for a witch her age.

"Well done!" Seiglinde clapped then patted Meloni on the back. "You are very strong when it comes to casting magic. One of my star students!" Everyone other than the teacher herself looked at Meloni with envious eyes. Of course the teacher would brag on a witch because casting magic was a witch's fortè. Meloni sits down, blushing. "Thank you Miss Kusannari, but I do not think that is appropriate to apprise me over all of the other well trained students in this class" She says quietly, looking into her lap. She spends the rest of the class period starng out the window, thinking. Outside the window, beyond the school campus there's a forest that surrounds the entire city.

During lunch, she leaves the campus, through a narrow pathway that leads throughout the forest. She folows the path to her favorite place, a small river that hasn't been disturbed since the city was built. Instead of being there alone like she expects to, Meloni finds a small creature, no larger than she was. The small creature looked like a mangled scarecrow with a feathered hat and dark mask.

Meloni hides behind a large tree as the thing starts to move. She has never seen a magical creature in the forest before, let alone another human. The little creature gets up, a little wobbley and soaking wet. She hides further behind the tree, afraid to use her invisability spell. The creature shakes it's head, dazed. It looks at it's handsand down at it's reflection in the water as if it didn't know it's own face.

It turns around as if sensing my presence, Meloni stays hidden behind the tree afraid of what might happen. It's mask is very large, with red and yellow eyes. It looks directly at the tree. Meloni risks an invisability spell and runs towards the school. It grabs her cloak, yanking her backwards and she drops the book. The spell wares off quickly as the creature holds on tightly to her cloak.

The creature precariously looks down at her, then runs through the fence. Seiglinde wasn't going to be happy that she's let something into the city walls. She sat in the dirt for a while, holding the book tightly to her chest. After a few minutes the bell rang, indicating that lunch had ended and she should be in class by now. She didn't care, she was scared.

After a few minutes, Seiglinde had found her "I was so worried, I had to stop class to find you. What in the world are you doing here", she demanded. Seiglinde has always been Meloni's best friend even though it makes the other students think that she's the teacher's pet, she didn't care. They found their powers together and her aunt Nora helped in raising and training them both and Seiglinde liked to play the older sister.

"I'm sorry, I was..." Meloni trailed off, looking at the open gate. It was firmly shut again. "I think I did something bad, there was this... Creature... It scared me and it came into the city from the gate" she was shaking, she wasn't sure what had really happened, or if it did happen any more. She let Seiglinde help her up and was pulled into a tight hug, getting engulfed in her hair and wings.

Seiglinde pulls away, holding Meloni's shoulders. "Meloni, you're dismissed for the day. I think you should go home and get some rest, but first you need to come back to class and get your things" she told her and led her back to the building, her hand on the small of Meloni's back.

Off campus, Meloni decided to take the long way home and walk. Her powers felt weakened from the encounter with the creature, she wasn't sure if she would have the energy to fly. She walked past the empty children's park and over the bridge of the only river that goes through and supplies the small city with water and fish. She stopped in the middle of the high arch, looking out over the water. The shadows under the bridge showed movement. She cast out her senses, listening for what might be down there. It was a man, but the sounds she heard weren't normal. Danger. She had to leave before she was noticed.

She briskly walked down he path which lead to the housing tennants. Aunt Nora wasn't going to be happy to see her home so early. A few minutes later and a few blocks later the houses and the people started to become few and far between. That's when she felt it again, this time she didn't even need to cast her senses out. Danger. She had to get home faster, she had no choice.

With her spellbook in her bag, Meloni pulled out her broom stick, she hovered lightly in the air for a moment. She knew that her energy wasn't going to last long enough to get home, but it would get her away from the feeling that she was being folowed. She took off flying, too slowly for her liking. It was barely faster than she could run in gym class, but it would have to do.

The feeling started to weaken after a few blocks, as did her energy. If it got close again, she knew that she couldn't take it. Meloni was the best witch in her school and she knew that she still wasn't good enough. The feeling suddenly completely went away. She was shocked. Had it given up? She wasn't sure, so she kept going untill her energy ran out. She landed, just below the hill of her aunt Nora's house. She had to walk from here.

She was about half way up the hill, when the feeling of danger came back. Suddenly, there were crows flying out of the trees in the distance. She walked faster, but her energy was low. The sky became cloudy. The air started to buzz with energy, as if it was made of magical force. Meloni hid behind a tree off the side of the road.

Lightning struck the clouds overhead. She peered around the tree and something yanked the hood of her cloke. Her mage's hat got caught in the wind. The force of the magic around her was deafening. She was getting tired, her energy was worn out and she couldn't use her magic. Meloni's vision started to become spotted with blackness and she was frustrated at her own weakness.

All of a sudden lightning struck the tree and the ground shook with pure magical energy. She saw the little creature from earlier in her periferal vision in the distance, just as the darkness took over.

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