Time for another journal entry. This time I had trouble thinking of a topic. Thats what I do when nothing has been going on in my week worth writing about. Although there is at least one thing I could write about, it is what my room mate has been doing and saying and how he's had a hard time, but I'd prefer to save that for another time since that particulair series of events hasn't come to a conclusion yet. So, this week I will talk about women. I'm not quite sure what topics I'll touch on since this I don't preplan what I'm going to write in these things, so the broad statement will have to do.

Lets start off with something I love: games. I've heard of girls getting some hate for playing games and its a bit odd because I've never quite run into that myself. Well, no, that isn't quite right. On gaia I ran into it once: a guy was complaining about girls playing games in the forums once. I replied and it wasn't the most well thought out reply, but I am glad I spoke up about it. An admin or mod or someone like that tried to correct me comparing it to a situation where one person was being annoying and a bunch of people complained and picked on the person. I think. My memory is a bit fuzzy. It doesn't really compare though since one person cannot reprisent everyone else who may be like them. A female can be just as annoying and pesky as a male with a similair personality or lack of experiance in games. In MMOs the new comers tend to be the most annoying asking a question every few minutes when all a person may want to do is get back to what they were doing before. Abandoning them or ignoring them can be the easiest thing to do in those situations, but some times people just need help with stuff. I'm usually the schmuck that gets stuck doing it too. Are all of them annoying? Nope. Would I complain in an open forum because I had a bad experiance with one or two? Nope. Would I start refusing to play with new people just because they might be annoying? Nope. Replace newcomer with female or girl and it seems all the answers turn to yes. I don't entirely understand that. Just because one girl is annoying or dopy or doesn't know how to play doesn't mean they all are like that. Guys are different in personality, why not assume the same about girls? neutral I've heard that sometimes girls even have to pretend to be guys so they can get some slack. Thats rather sad.

I'm curious if the opinion that females shouldn't play games comes from the idea that we should be raising kids, cooking, cleaning, bending over backwards to do whatever a dude wants us to do. I know in some places and cultures there is such things as "women's work" and "men's work", but in the developed world and even in the not developed world that segregation isn't needed or wanted. I think the only thing that ties women to certain areas of work is that we're the ones that can give birth and feed kids naturally, but that doesn't mean we can't do other things. In developed countries women have already proven they can do things that men can do and even excell at them. Just because we were born without a dangler should not mean we can't do what guys can do. Now, I know there are physical differances between men and women and the two genders tend to think differently, but I think that should mean we should work more together than seperately. Rather than drawing a line and saying each gender needs to stay on their side, the line should be non existant and everyone should help everyone else, gender be damned.

A slight problem arises when I say forget gender though: some belief systems say that women and men should be serate and do different things. Such ideas are out dated by several ceturies. When men ruled the world and women were more property I suppose those ideas could be rationalised, but not anymore. Women have proven they are just as capable at everything as men are and saying a really old book says something is no excuse. The Illiad and the Odessy is really old and says tons of stuff but I don't see anyone holding that up and saying stupid sh*t like that. Its just a story. Let it go.

A couple of people around the internet have noted that perhaps the hositlity toward this change is because change is difficult to accept and people who do not want the change and prefer things how they are or were and for whatever reason, they act hostile because of it. I can see that somewhat. If I saw a creature that was so very different from anything else I had ever seen, I probably wouldn't run over to give it a hug, and might even try to keep it away from me by whatever means I could. However in this case it isn't a creature, its an idea and a slight change in how things are usually done. It really isn't a bad thing and it cannot hurt anyone, so I think the best thing to do is take adeep breath and calmly try something out before we reject it outright.