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Random Musings of a Jailbait Bunny Shota This is where I'll post random snippets of random events in my life I'd like to share. Most of it will make no sense whatsoever, furthering my random personality.

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[CORPSE PARTY SOLID] Yuki Shinohara--Bio
Visual Description

This is one of those times where I really wished I could draw well, so I'll have to describe Yuki Shinohara's current look in text.

***Any artists out there are free to try and draw out Yuki Shinohara if they wish. Just remember that he's the identical twin brother of Miyu Shinohara from Corpse Party Musume if you need a template to work off of, and that he rarely smiles (Think "Looks like Miyu but more serious--kinda like how Puru Two is to Elpeo Puru from ZZ Gundam" ).***

- Being an identical twin of Miyu Shinohara, Yuki Shinohara looks exactly like the deceased Miyu-chan and even wears the same outfit (schoolgirl sailor uniform over shimapan), but following his unexpected return to Kisaragi Academy, also wears two accessories--a medical eyepatch over his right eye and medical bandages wrapped around his forehead. These respectively replace a shot-out right eye and the scar on the left side of Yuki's forehead extraction of the bullet lodged there. (More on that later.)

Yuki Shinohara also carries an IMI Desert Eagle in a left-side holster concealed under his skirt and a Bowie Knife in a right-side sheath concealed under the same garment. This combination of handgun and knife was inspired by such combinations utilized for CQC in the Metal Gear series, this instance being Yuki-kun's preferred CQC armament (despite a Deagle not being ideal for CQC, but then again, he can fire it one-handed at short-range).

- Following his 'reanimation', Yuki's outfit is such that the right sleeve of his schoolgirl sailor blouse is gone and the same blouse is torn to expose the trappy child soldier's now-bandaged-up midriff. His skirt is curiously torn from the front to the left side, exposing his shimapan (plus dat trap bulge inside it) and his Deagle plus holster. Finally, there's duct tape along the back of Yuki-kun's shimapan (You'll understand why later).


Yuki Shinohara's personality was initially not all that different from his twin 'sister' Miyu, with both being outgoing and friendly. Unlike Miyu (and Seiko for that matter) but like Yuu Shinohara, Yuki is heterosexual as he was known at the time for intentionally tripping up stairs to look up the skirts of his female classmates. He had also made out with his older sister, Seiko Shinohara, as part of an April Fools' prank that confused many of his classmates into thinking he was a lesbian girl despite the fact that everyone was able to see his trap bulge in his panties (and he made sure everyone could see it too. When he wears girls' Bloomers, he doesn't even try to hide his bulge--which actually helped distinguish him and Miyu apart in those days).

Asides from his obvious girl-crazy pervertedness, Yuki was a model student of Kisaragi Academy--being able to maintain very good grades along with many friendships with students and faculty alike. However, when he learned that Miyu-chan was being bulled for being a crossdresser, Yuki-kun suddenly snapped. He beat up the bullies that tried to grope Miyu to the point the Principal suspended Yuki under the guise of a 'mandatory mental health holiday'. (It's believed that the Principal of Kisaragi Academy was legitimately worried that Yuki Shinohara would reach the point of murderous intent, knowing full well how close he is with his twin 'sister'.)

During his time as a child soldier, Yuki Shinohara changed from a perverted girl-chaser to a cold-hearted 'professional killer'. His motives for wholesome crossdressing would change from his child-like lechery to humiliating and striking fear into his enemies are they are killed in action by 'a troop of crossdressing boys equipped with heavy armament'. (You could say this troop is an elite unit akin to FOXHOUND under Liquid Snake's Command (MGS1), Dead Cell (MGS2), or the Cobra Unit (MGS3)--only that all of its members are 'killer otokonoko', so to speak.)

By the time Yuki-kun returns to Kisaragi Academy, he is a mere shell of himself--traumatized by the lives he willingly took. He believes that he should've died in the battlefield for all the crimes he had committed and thus comes off as very nihilistic, if not having lost all sense of reality. He has also become very vengeful, quick to kill in retaliation for any harm directed at himself or those he loves.

On a side note, Yuki Shinohara has a bit of a smoking habit. He developed the need to smoke during his time as a child soldier--believing it helped him unwind and relax after a mission. In reality, he used it as a coping mechanism to keep his mind off of all the lives he had taken since his very first mission.


Storyline for Corpse Party Solid coming up next.

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