Welcome to the Gates of Dreams, where terror has taken full control.
Be wary of your timid steps, for the nightmares tend to gnash and roam.
Upon your entrance to my mind, you shall be greeted by the twins:
With fangs as sharp as shards of glass, and breath as hot as Hell,
They guard my chained heart amidst this dark and soulless realm.
And in my mind, I rein Supreme, as The God of this disgruntled world,
With flames that burn my fingers’ touch and tsunamis that crash and swirl.
You think that you can escape the twisting labyrinth of my game?
Amongst the scent of seeping blood and burnt maggots all the same?
Then, I dare you to allow your arrogance to consume, and bid your life adieu,
Though I know the true nature of the maze, as the Master of Space and Time;
Your own memories shall be denied, as you shan’t be able to tear away
From the horrors of my mind.

*Commissioned for Seamus Luck