I'm falling for this guy, he lives in a different city and he was my first kiss. I have the best times with him and he has the persinality i love! I am able to be myself around him and he makes me laugh with those silly cute faces he makes. I was all alone and knew no body but he came up to me and acted like we have known each other forever. He constintly blinked to make me laugh and it worked. He probably doesn't even think about me nor does he even like me. It's just that he makes me laugh and forget about everything. Out of every girl there he liked me the best and everyone knew that. Why can't he just come for me and save me out of the hole of lonelyness. I have family and friends but they can't hold me, love me, and can't make me feel like the only girl in the world. His name you ask... Is Jake. He is probably the best guy i will meet. He is alittle shy but I'm okay with that if he's okay with a girl who's loud, secretive girl. He makes me smile with just a look, makes my heart skip a beat, and even when I was all upset he was there to cheer me up.
Thank you Jake,