Tastes change! =O
they have for me. last year it was all kinds of things... Unholy Angel, and Sidewinder, this year it's Phobia and Marionette. and Loneliness (all titles i have used/ plan to use for future stories i write) but it's changed alot. that constant interest and addiction to certain sounds, ways of acting, things like that, it used to be Slipknot and now it's Metallica. interests shift and change and may never come back. things of the past may not be as amazingly glorious and addictive and interesting and alluring as they used to! =o
and i have noticed it so much! >=o looks like i'll have to find a new way to vent all these new interests out on something i am working on, just like with Sidewinder and all of those things... but as i start to think, Sidewinder isn't something that ever changed for me. it's still an obsession, i just have to fix it, and make it new... bring it back to life.
whoever reads this probably has no idea what i'm even talking about, and i know you don't, but it's my fault! xP
i do it on purpose, i guess, but instead of being mystified and intrigued, people just write it off as me making no sense D=
but it makes a ton of sense! to me, anyway.
once i figure out how to incorporate these new things into my writing, it will all become another great masterpiece that i will be proud of forever. like a band's album. that sort of thing has always interested me, but i have never written music, because i have no experience and i have no future in that area. so instead of creating my own music albums, with one name and a long list of tracks, i can have my own organized stories, almost like an album... this kind of thing is why i'm writing this entry to begin with.
still, the old is still amazing. nothing can write off Avenged Sevenfold and the inspiration they gave me, and Slipknot as well. all these songs, bands, stories, the things i love, the interests, the inspirations, they are added onto, never overwritten... or at least i hope.
also, i did use this title (of this entry) before, but i changed the last one's name so i could use it for this one.