Ali here!

I love cosplaying! It's my biggest passion that I wish more people would do~! I'm not sure why they don't get into it already...Oh, but I'm rambling already, now aren't I?
This first entry is going to be sort of like a crash course for cosplaying in the form of videos I found on youtube! xd

Basically, to cosplay, you just got to jump right on in there! The only place to start when it comes to cosplay is choosing a character. That's literally the easiest step to cosplay! I, personally, tend to pick characters that I like, have an emotional connection with, and have a similar personality too, just so then the character comes as a second nature.

For first time cosplayers, I highly recommend starting off with a simple character, with a simple costume. Especially if you can't sew, or aren't able to buy a costume offline.

The next thing to do when starting a cosplay is to get multiple reference pictures of this character! I have cosplayed for a while now, and I still use reference pictures like there is no tomorrow! Mainly for styling of wigs, and making sure the costume I'm buying is accurate to my character.

From the reference pictures, you can make many decisions regarding your costume! You can decide on your make-up, wig, what accessories you're going to use, if you're going to use any props, ect. ect.

For the people who are planning on making things from scratch, I highly recommend checking out this neat-o web site right n'ere!:

-Wigs 101-

I've had several new cosplayers come up to me and ask me about wigs. A lot of them didn't seem to understand why wigs are so important, when you can use your real hair. Well, the thing is...If you wanted to use your real hair to cosplay a character like Prussia from Hetalia, you'd probably destroy your hair in the process of bleaching it white. Plus, wigs usually photograph better.

Oh, before I forget! NEVER EVER EVER use a halloween store as a wig shop! Their wigs, no offense, suck. That's why I strongly recommend buying your wigs from a respectable site online, where the synthetic fibers are of higher quality. The site I use for example, is

Their site is amazing! You can sort the wigs by color, or by length and look through them either way. Their wigs are what I call "staple wigs" which are basic, partially styled wigs, that are meant mostly for you to personally style each time, unless your character is really generic. For example, I bought my North Italy wig from there, and the base of the wig was a generic one I bought, and then I also bought a weft ((a long piece of wig used for fixing wigs, or adding longer bits to a wig)), and made my curl, which I later tied into the mesh of the wig.

For styling, again, there are plenty of tutorials out there, but I suggest you at least use the following products that I have used, and other cosplayers I know have used. If you're going to style your wig by yourself ((you can always have a friend do it)) you'll need:

-Hair cutting scissors
-Got2B Hair Spray
-Got2B Glued Spike Gel
-Alligator clips
-and a foam Wig head

Here's a basic tutorial by MangoSirene to help you out:

-Make-Up 101-

Make-up, believe it or not, is important when it comes to cosplay. Even if your character isn't wearing make-up, it never hurts to wear some. If you're a guy, a girl, it doesn't matter. A simple foundation and some power will make your skin look nice on camera. Here's a basic, cosplay make-up 101 video by MangoSirene. She goes deeper into the basics of make-up with cosplay.:

I'm also willing to bet that you can find hundreds upon hundreds of videos on youtube when you search "cosplay make-up tutorial".


Whelp that's about it for this entry. Byyyye~~! heart