Some lord of chaos Unicron turned out to be. You'd think after Starscream up and ditching him and Galvatrons betrayel he'd have learned not to employ 'lesser beings'.

Of course I held up my end of the bargain; I'm no cheat. I didn't promise not to mention all of my strengths and weaknesses and location to that univereses Autobots, however. Took him completly by surprise. Put Unicron in in a powerful forcefield with no way to escape. So, his choices were to stay trapped in my body, or in his own which wasn't imprisoned. Thanks to that, I got out of that deal 42 years early and with an enhanced body.

But that doesn't change what I lost. It was obvious, really. The warning signs were everywhere, I just didn't want to see them. I never expected it to work in the first place. We were too different and too similar. How were two failed heroes going to help each other? But I wanted it to work. Wanted him to love me. Wanted to love him. It wasn't enough.

I wonder if there was anything I could have done differently to make him stay. Maybe we never had a chance. Just like the others...

I loved them! I loved them and they left me! They didn't want to. But if I had been stronger or more appealing, maybe things could have been different! Maybe I could have made them stay.

Maybe I'm not a person, but I deserve love just like anyone else. Will my friends eventually go away too? Everything ends some day. Everything except chaos. Maybe I should get used to it. But I love them so much. I love all my friends. I don't want them to go. Don't want to be alone again.

What do I have to do to get what I want? I thought being powerful enough to protect my friends was enough but I need to make them stay. Keep them close. Maybe with Unicrons upgrades, but it may not be enough. I need to be stronger.