BitNami AMP stacks contain a number of latest updates and additions. The latest AMP and APP stacks contain Amazon Web Services (AWS) PHP SDK as well as updated versions of Apache and PostgreSQL (where necessary). This has made it easier to develop applications that run on AWS. These stacks are available as native installers, virtual machine images and AMIs. PHP Website Developers can develop on a local machine natively or in a virtual environment. He or she can later deploy the application to Amazon EC2 for testing and production.

AMP implies Apache-MySQL-PHP. The name for every BitNami AMP stack relies in the operating system. For instance, we have WAMP for windows and MAMP for OS X and in the same way LAMP for Linux. The APP versions of these stacks include the PostgreSQL database in place of MySQL. Just like AMP stacks, the APP stacks are named differently according to the operating system.

PHP Website Developers can avail of the development versions of the stacks that enable bundling beta. For PHP Programming Long Beach, developers can also use any new releases of components. It helps the PHP development company long beach in utilizing the latest releases present in a contained environment.

Apache 2.2.22 (or 2.4.3 in the development version)

PHP 5.3.16 (or 5.4.6 in the development version)

MySQL 5.5.21
PostgreSQL 9.1.3 (optional)
phpPgAdmin 5.0.4 (optional)

Apart from the above, the stacks bundle the below mentioned PHP frameworks for development:

ZendFramework 1.12.0
Symfony 2.0.17
CakePHP 2.2.1
CodeIgniter 2.1.2
Smarty 3.1.11

Another addition to the stacks with the latest release is Smarty. This template engine for PHP, helps in the segregation of presentation whether HTML/CSS (cascading Style Sheets) from apps logic. This leads to a logical conclusion that PHP code is application logic, separated from presentation.