so, this post will be updated with the characters that i dress up and post as from time to time.

violet byquist: age 22. 1/32nd scottish fold on her mother's side, giving her ears, enhanced night vision, sharpened teeth, and the ability to hiss at people (she rarely does). she loves traveling, and has been to, among other countries, sweden and finland. violet is even-tempered, and quite shy. she loves gardening, tea, and baking (but is very bad at baking)

violet's color scheme: autumnal colors, reds and browns and creams especially.

june lee: age 19. a girl with a haughty attitude. she likes to prove people wrong, and generally hold it above heads that she's intelligent. june is spiritual, but not very religious. she helps her uncle run a book shop, and is a "cultural catholic". has unusually colored eyes that leads her father's korean side of the family to call her 'ppalgan ttal'--- red daughter.

june's color scheme: red and black and grey, predominantly.

kyaara: appears about age 11 or so. a computer program exiled from the cyber space, kyaara occupies the form of a scrapped companion bot. kyaara is hyper and loud, with an addiction to candy (even though she can't truly eat or taste it.) she often has nightmares about something she calls SEIMEI.

kyaara's color scheme: pastel blues and pinks, with light creme and white as well.

tatiana: an ageless faerie like creature that stands five inches tall. often makes her own clothes out of unused scraps of cloth she borrows from humans-- either that, or tat wears doll clothes that she steals. has a fascination with silver and anything that looks like silver.

tatiana does not stick to a certain color scheme.

adam: 26, from the year 2057. a war survivor, adam has used newly discovered time-travel methods to travel back to present day. he intends to minimize casualties in the war, but is seriously endangering himself-- one paradox encounter, and he will cease to exist.

adam's color scheme: reds, greens, browns.

wings: an android, built two years ago by a wealthy investor. full of childike wonder, she trains everyday to become a hero one day. has above-human strength and agility, and can fly for short distances and hover.

wings's color scheme: silvers, whites, and creams

brenn: 17, a cutie-pie explorer. she's a tougher cookie than she appears to be. she has two familiars; a robed rabbit named julius and a hooded kitten named mitch. they both float.

brenn's color scheme: pinks, reds, whites, browns, creams.

kate: 12, an aspiring alchemist, witch, and adventurer. began to dig a hole behind her parents' house when she was 6, finished it when she was 10. it's now a fully-functioning 'lab' of sorts, where kate practices her magic and plans her adventures. she has a pet dragon named sapphire.

kate's color scheme: blues, whites, blacks, browns, silvers, creams.