Back To Reality

It's been about a week since I've been on here tearing s**t up, but hey, might as well talk about how everything is going. Back from spending a blissful week with my dearest, I wish we could have stayed longer and it only be us.. :/
Things are going fine, school starts back up again Monday. Not looking forward to it.
I’m mostly just trying to get through the rest of this week. So to not bore you with my random meanderings about life and other nonsense here's a list of my favorite songs.

1. Follow You down
~Gin Blossoms
2. Call Me
3. Better Off this Way
~A Day to Remember
4. Saturday Night Fever
~Some Disco Band
5. Don’t Stand so close to me
~The Police
6. You make my Dreams come true
~ Hall and Oates
7. Touch-a, Touch-a Touch me
~Rocky Horror Picture Show