Name: Usagi Nakamura
Age: 22
Birthdate: April 27th
Zodiac: Taurus
Hair: [Hair style][Bang color and style][Bang and eye color]
Eyes: [Bang and eye color]
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128 lbs
Build: Thin and slightly curved, lean. (She works out 2 times a week) Bust size is 32C, dress size: 4
Outfits: [Outfit 1][Outfit 2][Outfit 3][Outfit 4][Outfit 5]
Personality: Usagi is always trying to keep things fun and exciting. She tries to keep a positive mood 100% of the time. When a friend is in need, she doesn't let them sit around or cry, she tries to cheer them up as best she can. She's the life of the party. She loves getting recognition for her work and strives to be good at everything she does. She doesn't, however, enjoy being put under extreme pressure. She tends to crack under it and has had one major breakdown before, a time she tries not to think about. She prefers to stay in her comfort zone and doesn't let people see her insecurities, thus the reason why she doesn't date, and instead has a one night stand occasionally. She loves music and plays the guitar, though only her closest friends know this. She likes to flaunt things, but nothing that will make her feel vulnerable to the rest of the world. When she feels strongly about something, she stands by it. She has a high moral code when it comes to others and will defend a friend to the end. She's very loyal to those she considers her close friends and will do anything to see they're OK.