We only have like two working cameras in this whole house, because we never take pictures anymore because we never travel anymore. Why don't we travel? Because my mom refuses to put our dog in a kennel for a week. I love my dog and all, but we've left him in one for a week when we went down to Disney World long ago, and he was completely fine upon our return. Sure, he whimpered and clung to us more than ever, mostly like retaining the fear that we may leave him once again, but he soon got over it and revived to his old self within a few days.
Anyway, back to the rant.
We've got two functional cameras. Two. My sister owns one, the camera being part of her phone. And we've got an old camera, like that type that regurgitates a picture out from a small slit after five minutes of waiting. Yeah, I think we got it when I was just a baby. Old, old, old.
I took a shower, I lathered and rinsed my hair three times in a row to get the extra fluffiness. (Hehe, I'm actually shaking my hair back and forth. Bouncy hair is happy hair. That sounded weird.) I dried it off with only the most delicate towel and movements. I combed it slowly and steadily, creating my perfect bangs. They're almost back to their former glory too. I estimate it to be back at its old length in a matter of weeks. I did all this, and when I went to ask my sister if she'd take a picture, due to her being the only one in my house that owns a camera that can actually upload pictures onto a computer, and she said no. I somehow knew she'd respond with that, but I, the fool that I am, decided to actually be optimistic and hopeful, assuring myself that she'd allow me to take one, simple photo. That tower of optimism was crushed, and a statue of failure was built in its place. A gravestone wouldn't quite fit it, because it lacks the details of the failure. A statue would show it all.
So no picture yet. I haven't given up, however. I'm going to ask her again next week, and the week after that. Some may call that annoying, I call it determination. And I'm determined to finally get a picture of myself up for you all to see. I've been on computers for the majority of my life, beginning in third grade when I met my first real geek friend. The rest were geeks, sure, but they were limited to game consoles, their computers only being used to look up Youtube videos, a little Runescape, and the occasional dirty video for them to all gawk and giggle at. My friend showed me Corum, then showed me more and more MMORPGs. From there, I met people from all around the world, of all ages and cultures. We talked, slayed, and quested together. The internet is practically my life, and it's unfair for you all to not know what I look like in real life. The only way I can truly merge my two lives is to get a picture of myself up. To cross reality and internet. I feel like it'd only be fair.