#1 Why is it when your planning something, something bad happens and all your plans are ruined? I invited a friend over for a sleep over and got tickets for us to see Mama (movie) But she missed her boat from the island in to the mainland and she missed the bus as well so we had to cancel our plans...So we reschedules for Saturday (Tomorrow) and I have a feeling she wont come... I swear though if she doesn't I will probably not speak to her for days :C

#2 Why are parents always shouting? My mum has been shouting at me nearly all weak... I know I forgot to do the dishwasher a few times and made a few mistakes but why need to shout? And of course my parents are always shouting at eachother so I am never sure if they are going to stay together or not...

#3 How does "I'll just go next door to see how _____ is doing, I'll only be two minutes" end up being four hours? My mum told me she was only going to be 2 minutes and she comes back 4 hours later??

#4 People saying stupid stuff about someone who tried to kill themselves annoy me! "Oh I hope she succeed", "Finally, took her long enough", "She's just doing it for attention." HONESTLY GROW UP!!! I pretty much find that pathetic and hurtful and I think people who do that NEED TO GET A LIFE and STOP being PATHETIC!

Rant over for now peoples x