In such a world that does not want help when people ask a question.
So be it that they do not need to know how to present media. It comes to my attention that people are corrupt to the core. In denial I say this as I had respect for other people. Sucks to be one in a profane society indulgence of its choice throwing down each individual when they are getting help to do things they enjoy.

My request to the admin.
Delete the forum which is this link.

(Until then it is open to the public.)

I deny helping them with the embedding of videos.
The profiles and such it took time to do what I did.
They do not need to know because they treat truth as a lie.

I knew nobody that was close.
So... bug off.
Why do people become Anon?
The point is they reject themselves.
Or the fact people had rejected them,
Each one of life with purpose to help in some way.
Those who once had a name.
A call for peace and not war.

They cannot work, the admin because of the cheaters.
Nor does society deserve this my sympathy.

I am satisfied in giving a tutorial on this.

Note to self: Besides the case of Korea, everything is fine.
I told them not to read fragments as they accepted no help.
Not even from those who actually gave a care toward others.

Isolation from society in a cruel world.
They will not see light on here for ignorance.
I say this in peace. Just a man.

I ask when did people become careless?
About what is real and what is right?
Disregarding me, where did people fail?

They are il-mannered. Though....
I saw myself in them.
They do not see sense.
Tortured am I by ignorance.

As even most do not care.
No matter help each is needed of others.

Unlike those of which whom remain unknown.
I kept my name. And it had life.

They will understand some day, that they had turned down much of their dignity as I was bligerant or expressing to be kind. I have no or little humor in silence.

So they understand.

If so I be banned, for helping or people dislike it so much the help.
Do not ask again a man or woman for the help free.

I dream a day to show my face to others besides being deserted a land.
Heck for all people care they chose wrong.

May Korea be happy along with society which does not care but for death row.

This was to those who threw me down for nothing because I could not be like other people and conform to that of this world a ruthless hell.

Life real was not like this. It was peace even during times of less transgression.
They knew knowledge more, but not life, and as I see to this, I found both.

I am human. No God. No deity, no demon. If so society rejected a man, it was Christ before me. I think no robbery like he, and that also, which people persecute was that of a man who became honest.

Do I wish to be a liar like them? All to hell for society that could fix itself not. Because they chose wrong over right toward each perspective of decisions.