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Every day this week has kept me on my toes and zooming here to there. On top of all the Manor chores I have paper work for my young Lord to correct, look over, or file. I am also my young Lord's tutor. I teach him anything that any Earl must know and more to exceed expectations. These lessons include: Math, English, World Studies, and an extra corricular, Music.
Then, there is the matter of ordering around the servants of the Manor. What I have learned about the servants as time passed by was that they always want to be in my favor. When I give them a simple task like mopping the floor, they will do so, and they will try to clean any other part of the mansion that is related to floor that they had cleaned. This may seem wonderful but, most of the time, somethig will happen and the wood floor or the marbel tiles will get scratched, wrecked or stained. I am the one that cleans it all up. If I could not do this, I would not be worth salt in my own weight.
These examples and other duties or unexpected plans are what keep me busy. It is always better to be busy than to sit around and not be of any use. I do what I can to be a sufficiant butler.