I woke up this morning, and checked gaia. I had an update telling me someone had given my a gift. I though, "Well that's strange, who would give me a gift. And why? Not like it's even my birthday." But it was really sweet, in a way. I wasn't expecting it. It was an apple, no big deal, or anything. Plenty of potential for use. But what I like and wonder most about, is why they sent it. It seemed to have to do with the previous entry I had, as it talked about my weight, and attempting to lose it.

The apple'd gift was talking about self control and such, and not doing something for your image, but simply for the control over yourself it gives. That was very nice. So, thank you mystery gifter.

But honestly, I didn't think anyone would be looking at these entries. XD I'm not very interesting, promise. But it's really the only reason I can think of for getting such a gift. *shrugs* pretty cool either way. This is the most active I've been on Gaia like, ever. It's nice, I think I definitely like it. About time, since I've been on here since freaking seventh grade. Oh, how I've grown.