A Child's Easter by Waiia

Every child is excited to find
All the eggs that their mothers will hide--
Behind the flowers and really big trees
For all the children to be happy.

Alive and awake, the kids, they are
Eating gummy bears that's really sour.
It's an early treat their mothers gave
And there are more for the most behave.

Sitting alone, a girl wasn't sad.
She knows it's Easter, and she is glad.
For her it is when a great Man died --
Saved her, loved her and gave her life.

The girl walked by and saw the kids
Looking for something behind those twigs.
She stared at them while she didn't know
Another girl was looking at her cute little bow.

Eager to know what the kids were doing
She tried to ask, but everyone's running.
As she was about to leave, a boy said hi.
He asked her to join, then gave her a smile.

Running they went to look for eggs.
She was very happy to find new friends.
And what she believed in, yes, she told
About the great Man whose love is bold.