Ok, listen up kids, I got an important message for all of you.

Do you see this ******** right here? The one RIGHT BELOW THIS TEXT.


Let me tell you about ********
He will destroy your family
Arrows? What the ******** are arrows. What the ******** are swords. What the ******** are WEAPONS
Hector doesn't know, do you think he should know?
Weapon triangle? What the hell is that s**t. Hector doesn't give two ******** about your weapon triangles; mercenaries, myrmidons and sword-wielding knights can kiss the Naga-blessed earth
When you cross Hector, there are only axes. In your face.
Close your eyes, and surely it will be Hector that you shall see -- offering you protection by appearing right behind you when you least expect it, guiding your young impressionable mind and steering your hand to bring brutal death upon your enemies.
He wasn't taught to be a badass with fancy bullshit combat training, he was born one, and you better believe he doesn't formally know how to use an axe but he'll still [******** you right up.
House Ostia style.

OK, so can you tell I've been playing Fire Emblem 7?
Good game, good game.
Also, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate released on the 19th (!!!) and I've been, predictably, playing the everloving blazes out of it. I've logged 100 hours on it, last I checked. Mostly offline play, to collect weapons and armour before I jump online, but I've played a little bit with my clanmates. You know, the guys I mentioned in my last journal entry. Yeah, me and the main members are super tight now, they're rad dudes and I love them. Hunta 5 lyfe
Pretty sure my boyfriend secretly thinks I need an intervention but here in my house we take our video games very seriously dead serious

... Oh, and in case you get the wrong idea from my Hector praise, I'm still mad crazy for Miles Edgeworth. Peace.