It stretches for the sky
the tower surpassing clouds
and still wanting more

I glance back up at the spindly crystal structure
of glass and steel
a carnivorous glass sponge, glistening cocoon:
still, silent, waiting
its shelter and beauty the condemning temptations.

Unwittingly I crawled into the spindly glass structure
and made my place
tucked in the corner of the sponge’s matrices:
deadly spun sugar
slowly it grew above my head, aiming to encase me.

I returned every day to the spindly crystal structure,
determined to stay
in its intricate weave, embedding myself, saying I am:
owner, clever, wealthy
I didn’t notice the door grow smaller to limit my escape.

I glance back up at the spindly crystal structure
of coin and cash
a sly and calculating beast, ever patient:
creeping, exploiting, schemer
its entrancing façade a will-o-the-wisp.

Unknowingly I admitted myself into the spindly crystal structure
and ensured the trap
instilled in the very nature of the entity:
constricting lace web
carefully stretching around me, fooling me.

I believed unerringly in the spindly crystal structure,
the integrity in its design,
in its purpose, enthralling me with dancing crystals:
cysts by design
I didn’t realize it was lovely only to distract.

I glance back up at the spindly crystal structure
of cables and aluminum
a masterpiece depicting absolute power:
fragile, flimsy, masquerading
its offered safety only an unconditional illusion.

Unintentionally I allowed the spindly crystal structure
to eat at me
slowly dissolving my being away, distancing myself:
body, mind, soul
relinquished to the delicate monstrosity.

I admired the complexity of the spindly crystal structure
day after day
in its labyrinth of spicules:
merciless cells
I didn’t realize my state of capture.

I glance back up at the spindly crystal structure
of lies and deceit
a lattice of intertwining loopholes:
closing them off
its meticulous care in deception unparalleled.

Unthinkingly I examined a jewel in the spindly crystal structure
believing it a gem
observation revealed the counterfeit:
mere imitations
skewed the view, sham motives undetected.

I renounced the spindly crystal structure,
morality intact
a lucky escapee of the carnivorous glass sponge:
Rapunzel in her tower
I was a finch, with the door left to me.

A crystal tower
carnivorous glass sponge
Babylon recur

The crystal lattice extends above my head
reaching far beyond the sky
the elusive tower of Babylon

Piercing the heavens like a diamond wedge
growing taller each day
limitless human greed

Crystal entrapment on a wire web
invisible microscopic teeth
serrate the blade

New technology ever made “cutting edge”
always the exponential graph
rising ever more sharply

Mercurial waters constantly flow and ebb
ever shifting tides
to serve selfish needs

Steel and tinted glass build a silver hedge
ostentatious and ornate
a hole in the wall

An erect piercing dagger constructed of lead
sharp point drawing blood
poison coils through veins

The cusp of treachery, newly fledge
twisting meaning and word
to be exploited

Criss-crossed aluminum thread
spirals into the air
away from ground

A bird perched high upon a ledge
blown off abruptly
cataclysmic foreshadow

Observe with vigilance where you tread
the higher you go
challenges solidity

I implore you to accept this pledge:
fickle is Babylon
seek safety elsewhere

Towers and clouds boast
slender silver linings each
but both build tempests